One of the initial steps in exploring the option to sell a property is to have an appraisal completed.

What to expect from a common residential house appraisal.

– A selling range in which the property should achieve on the market
– Comparable recent sales in the area of the property
– Market trends
– Recommendations

You should not purely justify your choice of real estate agent/salesperson on the expected selling range

Why? Well… Needless to say customers are often enticed by the promise of bigger numbers some salespeople may promise but to achieve this result is another thing. Often clients may go through this process only to be worn-down over time to a more achievable price.

But… Marketing a property is a different aspect to the initial appraisal/values. Different selling methods give the client a great chance to best maximise their result on the market.

Our advice:

Don’t solely base your decision on using a particular agent/salesperson on an appraisal.

Marketing, selling methods and service are different aspects which are very important.

Private selling vs using an agent. What are the differences and advantages of using an agency.

Private selling in general terms is the home-owner selling their property by themselves.

Selling through an agency allows the property to be exposed to further and better forms of marketing and advertising channels. Subsequently this should mean more buyers and more buyers should result in a better sale price.

A property is a major asset so it would make sense to ensure it was given the best effort, exposure and service.

A salesperson/agent also provides security for both parties, following a strict set of rules under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. This gives the buyer security in buying through an agent instead of a non-licensed private individual.

Negotiation is often a complex procedure which involves the party’s emotions, desires, budgets, terms and other aspects. A salesperson/agent will be in a better position to understand the aspects involved and ultimately better the result for the vendor/owner whilst ensuring the purchaser is successful.

Our advice:

– Use a real estate agent to sell your property