Information for Tenants


The office is located on the corner of Riccarton and Clyde Roads, and is open from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm (excluding Public Holidays)

For all emergency repairs outside these hours, please call 033484149 and you will be transferred to the property manager on duty.

Examples of After Hours Emergencies

– No running/hot water
– No working toilet facilities
– Serious electrical issues
– The security to the property has been seriously jeopardised
– Major plumbing issue


The connection of all services like power, phone, internet and gas is the responsibility of the tenant. One of the easiest and fastest ways to do this is contact Fast Connect – they will do it all. Ph: 0800885599.

Otherwise just go online to your preferred providers to arrange connection.


Rent must be paid in advance AT ALL TIMES. There are NO excuses for not paying rent. If we do not receive your rental payment, this may lead to you being issued with a 14 day letter, quickly followed by a Tenancy Tribunal Hearing, and possibly Termination of the Tenancy.


Prior to the lease commencement, the Property Manager will complete a property condition report and take photos. You will receive 2 copies of this report, one to keep for your records and the other for you to go through and note any additional relevant comments. Once completed please return to your property manager. You have 2 weeks from lease commencement to complete and return this form. Failure to complete and return the form will mean that you are satisfied with the condition of the property as noted by the property manager. When the property is vacated – it must be left in the same condition as noted in the property condition report at the commencement of the lease, fair wear and tear expected. This report is used to compare the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy prior to releasing the bond.

Fair wear and tear does NOT include stains to carpet, damage to walls, broken windows, dirty bathrooms, unclean ovens, long grass or weedy gardens or rubbish left behind.


A bond of 4 weeks rent must be paid on or before lease commencement date. The bond is lodged with Department of Building and Housing in Wellington and is held as security against any unpaid rent or damage to the property. Shortly after lodgement, you will receive written confirmation from the Department of Building and Housing that they have received your bond and will provide you with a Rental Bond Registration Number.

Your bond will be refunded to you after you have vacated the property provided that your rent is up to date and there are no monies owing for cleaning or repairs to the property. If the property is not, at the end of the tenancy, as it was at the start of the tenancy, then release of the bond may be delayed until matters highlighted are rectified.


Property Managers conduct 3 monthly inspections on most properties. Notice of an upcoming inspection will be emailed (or mailed if you do not have email), 7-14 days prior to an inspection. A 48 hour text reminder will also be sent out.


All requests for repairs and maintenance must be emailed to your property manager.


If you lock yourself out or lose your keys during office hours, we can lend you our management set of keys (if available at the time) for a short period of time, HOWEVER, if you lock yourself out of the property after hours, or if you lose your keys, you will need to call a locksmith at YOUR cost to arrange access. We can recommend Access Locksmiths Ph: 033445959 or Armstrong Locksmiths 033436099 or fine to call your preferred provider.


The owner’s insurance cover on the property does not extend to cover your belongings or liability. We strongly suggest that you take out comprehensive contents insurance to cover your personal belongings against fire, theft, earthquakes, flood and other perils, and also to cover liability for damage caused to the property (intentional or accidental). Remember too – you are responsible for all people you invite onto the property while you are living at the property, which means you are responsible for any damage they may cause to the property.


Your Tenancy Agreement states the maximum permissible number of people who can occupy the property. Any changes to named tenants on the Tenancy Agreement must have the approval of the property manager. Sub-letting is NOT permissible.


Your Tenancy Agreement is a legal contract providing protection for both you and the property owner. You can only terminate this agreement in one of the following ways:

If you intend to vacate on the expiry date of your fixed lease, you must give at least 28 days notice in writing (email), however as most of our leases are on fixed terms, your Property Manager will be in contact with you at least 8 weeks prior to discuss the future of your lease. If you are on a Periodic lease e.g. no defined timeframe, and you wish to vacate, then you must give 28 days notice in writing (email). If the Property Manager is given instructions by the owner of the property to terminate your lease in accordance with Section 51 of the Residential Tenancies Act, then the appropriate notice will be given.

Should the situation arise where you need to vacate the property prior to the expiry of your fixed term tenancy, please contact your Property Manager to discuss this. This is referred to as ‘breaking the lease’. In this situation there may be reasonable costs that you are required to pay in order to secure a new tenant. Rent must continue to be paid until a new tenant is secured. Please understand that at least 2 working days will be required between tenancies for the bond inspection to be carried out. You will be responsible for rent up to and including the day before the new tenancy commences which includes the days required for the bond inspection.

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