The statistics are telling us that there has been overall a 4.2% increase in the median price for our region in the past 12 months and that the average selling time is now 50 days.

The market is still producing steady sales with consistant enquiry from genuine buyers. The intensity and volume are not the same but the end results are that properties are still moving.

The important point for any seller to note is that you need to make a good first impression and you have to have your property at the correct price level. A property overpriced on this market will not generate proposals and if left at the wrong level for too long will create problems with buyers becoming suspicious of a potential underlying problem which has deterred previous buyers.


I think all sellers should step out from their property onto the street and then come back to the home as if they were a buyer and have a careful look at what a buyer really sees when you look with a fresh perspective. Is your attention to detail on target and is there a sparkle about the property that will attract a buyer?

EQC Scope of Works and evidence of completed works are important for allowing buyers to obtain insurance cover so sellers should be organised in advance of marketing their property to avoid annoying delays where information is not available. The Privacy Act means that any request to the EQC has to come from the person who has submitted the EQC claim and you will need to allow 20 working days for it to be delivered.

We have been lucky with an exceptional Summer and Autumn is a great selling time with the tree colours and a crisp feeling in the air to spark thoughts of a warm cosy home.


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