Getting ready to sell your home

Are you getting ready to put your property on the market? Making sure your home is presented at its best is essential when it comes to selling. Below are a few tips for making your house more appealing to buyers.



Your home will appear bigger and more inviting when there is less clutter. Start by removing everything you haven’t used recently or can’t see yourself using in the future. When you are decluttering, use this opportunity to sell or discard anything you don’t want to take with you to your new place. This will also help you immensely when moving!


Style and stage

When it comes to styling and staging the home, “less is more.” Don’t forget to remove any personal items you don’t want to show like family photos, toiletries, dirty laundry, and valuables. Depersonalizing makes it easier for buyers to feel connected to the house and imagine themselves living there. When staging and styling, it should be done to appeal to potential buyers.

Top styling tips:

Resist the temptation to overwhelm the space with décor. Opting for a neutral colour palette with subtle tones and minimal furnishings will help potential buyers to imagine their life within the property without distractions. Having less furnishings will also help rooms feel bigger and more open.

When decluttering your home, don’t cram all your things into wardrobes and cabinets. Often prospective buyers will want to have a look at how spacious the storage areas are so make sure cupboards and wardrobes are organised neatly.


Touch-ups and repairs if required

It’s best to fix any issues around the house as it may result in fewer conditions on offers and won’t deter any buyers as even the smallest details can have a big impact. A leaky faucet or broken window can make the house seem not in the best condition. Not keeping up with repairs could cost you money in terms of the sale price.


Street appeal

First impressions are important! The exterior of the house and the garden should be neat, tidy, and inviting; it’s the thing people see. Ensure no gardening tools or toys are left out to distract from the property’s charm.


Now that your home is beautifully presented, there are a few things that your agent will ask you for before they list your property.


AML (Anti-Money Laundering)

Real estate agents are required to verify the identity of their vendors under the anti-money laundering legislation.

Usually, this consists of proof of identity (valid passport) and residential address (bank statement dated within the last 12 months). These documents will need to be seen by one of our staff or certified by a trusted referee such as a Justice of the Peace. If the property is owned by a trust, then the trust deed needs to be provided. You will also be asked about your occupation or source of wealth.


Property insurance

You will need to provide your current insurance information and any completed insurance repairs if any have been required.


EQC paperwork (if applicable)

If your property has been affected by the earthquakes, we will require a scope of works document, and any other receipts or signed completions for the finished works.

If it was a cash settlement, we require a receipt of payment received from EQC. You can receive EQC information from

Please note that this request will need to be put in ahead of time as it takes up to 20 working days for the request to go through. Alternatively, you can call 0800 DAMAGE to request information. Your agent can request EQC documents on your behalf if required.


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