If you’re needing to spruce up your living room, taking inspirations from other parts of the world is a great place to start. Especially if you’re bored of what New Zealand has to offer and want something unique!


Paris, Apartment

France has a long history and older houses with character by having exposed brick, beams and vintage molding. So it is crucial to focus on these features. If you don’t have features like these, it is easy to create it by adding crown molding or installing faux beams and bricks. Add some sparkle with gold accents like a gold mirror, picture frames, candle holders, lamps and lighting fixtures to get that French glam aesthetic.
Bare hard wood floors are the way to go. But if you’re wanting something more Parisian, go for the herringbone pattern floor like the picture above.

Greek, Apartment

Add curves and arches to give the space some Greek feel and character. Take it further by having exposed brick or stone wall. The floors are traditionally cement, limestone or marble which gives the space a clean and natural look. The key to Greek interior design is to stick to natural materials like wood and stone. If you feel like this isn’t enough, stick to blue and white for colours, incorporate the key pattern or rustic elements.

Japan, Villa

Japanese interior design is typically minimalist but modern Japanese living spaces are not always minimalist or have much in common with traditional Japanese homes. Natural materials are deeply appreciated in Japan. Therefore wood, stone ceramic, concrete and cast iron are typically seen in Japanese homes. Low furniture are also very common in Japanese homes as well.

Egypt, Villa

Egyptian interior design usually consists of neutral colours or blue as it represents the Nile River. White or natural materials like stone or marble are widely used as the wall and floor due to the hot climate in Egypt. The most important colour used for Egyptian interior is gold. It should be very present in the furniture, textiles and other décor. Overall, the glossy stone walls and floor with the elements of gold makes the space look and feel luxurious.

Brazil, Apartment

Brazilians like to blur the line between indoor and outdoor by using lots of raw concrete and natural materials like wood. This doesn’t mean that Brazilians shy away from colour. You will see pops of bright and bold colours on artworks, furniture or décor.