Median prices for residential property across New Zealand increased by 15.4% to $795,000 in September 2021 compared to $689,000 in September 2020.


“Various levels of lockdown across New Zealand have influenced activity in the real estate market this month lending to mixed results. We expect to see a rise in activity as restrictions ease further, especially in Auckland. Demand suppression measures introduced this year, recent moves by the Reserve Bank to increase the OCR, and COVID-19 restrictions to real estate activity are creating headwinds for house prices and we can see that the pace of price rises has slowed over recent months,” Jen Baird, REINZ CEO.



Canterbury Market Summary


Compared to August 2020
• Median Price up 31.3%
• Sales Count down 30.4%
• Days to Sell increased 3 days
Compared to July 2021
• Median Price up 6.5%
• Sales Count down 1.1%
• Days to Sell increased 5 days


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