Tenants are crucial to  maintaining cash flow – ‘rent’. But some landlords can make simple mistakes without realising it.

There can be a price paid for treating tenants poorly. They can become unhappy and uncooperative tenants during the tenancy, causing possible issues if the property was to be placed on the market for sale; difficulties with access for routine inspections, as well as the inspections required to re-let the property when the tenant gives notice. The tenant can become more impatient, lack understanding and be difficult around maintenance issues. Or in extreme cases the tenant can vacate the property, leading to a possible loss of income if the property remains vacant, as well as additional advertising expenses.

Based on our experience and feedback received these are the top four complaints we hear from tenants:

Not treated with respect

It is important when speaking with tenants that we treat them fairly, show empathy and compassion, but firmly when required.

No action or slow action to maintenance and repairs

This is often the number one complaint. While we understand that attending to maintenance in some circumstances can take a little longer than expected, it is important that all parties act promptly to resolve the issues.

Lack of communication or follow-up

Honest, open and regular communication can be the best remedy to ensure that everyone is updated and aware of what action is being taken.

Excessive rent increases

We do undertake regular rent reviews in accordance with the market to ensure that we are maximising the income. However, we have experienced some landlords who want to increase the rent without attending to needed maintenance and repairs.