The market is continuing to be a “steady as she goes” situation with a minimal price increase of 1% for June 2017 compared to June 2016.

The days to sell has eased out a bit reflecting the decreased pressure in the market and clearly it is important if clients wish to sell in an efficient and timely manner, that correct pricing is absolutely essential.

Investment properties have seen less activity through the requirement for a 40% deposit on a sale but for the astute investor this opens up opportunities.

The on-going cold weather and not so dry weekends has taken its toll on the open day inspection numbers and we are looking forward t some sunny weekends with mild temperatures to encourage the buyers to get out and about.

The better presented properties with good heating and insulation are the ones that are scoring the goals and it underlines the importance of attending to the details when preparing your property for a sale.

Similarly with the rental homes, tenants are very conscious of insulation and heating at the properties. If they are not up to speed they are not attracting the best quality tenants.

We are encouraging all our landlords to talk to us about meeting the requirements for correct insulation levels and progressing with this as soon as possible to avoid a mad rush to meet the 2019 deadline.