Springing into the real estate market is always exciting but what do you need to know about best setting your property up for selling success?

We have outlined our tips below for giving you the best chance on the Spring Market:

– Timing is everything, especially if you want to be settled or moved before the following year. Work backwards… A marketing/selling campaign may take somewhere between 3 – 7 weeks, a purchaser may then take a further two or more weeks to complete due diligence on the sale agreement (if applicable). Then following a confirmed sale an agreement is generally made between seller and buyer to set the possession/settlement date (final date, full transfer of remaining payment). This can be flexible but typically we see agreements made between two weeks to six weeks.

– Ensure your documentation is ready for the start of a selling/advertising campaign. This should be any earthquake claims on the property and any receipts of completed work on these repairs. Any private insurance claims and any receipts of completed work on these repairs. Any cash settlements for such claims insurance or earthquake claims where applicable, and current insurance evidence.

– Presentation is key! When you go to the market you are in competition against other options that buyers may purchase. If you have a garden that flourishes during these months give your possible purchaser a lasting impact!

– Try and de-clutter. Try and imagine seeing your home/property with a pair of fresh eyes. If rooms are appearing small due to a clutter of items or furnishings try and open the room up and give it a spacious feel.

– Finally talk to one of our fantastic Whittle Knight & Boatwood licensed salespersons/agents!

Let us know below if you are considering selling and we will talk you through making the process as easy as possible: