When selling property in Christchurch and the Canterbury region it is important to provide the appropriate documents as Christchurch has suffered a number of earthquakes.


The EQC Scope of Works and evidence of completed works are important for allowing buyers to obtain insurance cover so sellers should be organised in advance of marketing their property to avoid annoying delays where information is not available. The Privacy Act means that any request to the EQC has to come from the person who has submitted the EQC claim and you will need to allow 20 working days for it to be delivered.

Further documentation to be considered is a property title and LIM Report. Your Christchurch real estate agent/salesperson should advise you on the formalities as it may vary depending on how your property may be sold.


A good concept when considering how your property is to be presented is for the seller to step out from their property onto the street and then come back to the home as if they were a buyer and have a careful look at what a buyer really sees when you look with a fresh perspective. Is your attention to detail on target and is there a sparkle about the property that will attract a buyer?

Home staging/dressing or furnishing can bring a lease of life to your property particularly if it is a blank canvas. Buyers may be able to relate to the home and the suggested layout.

You only get one opportunity to make the best first impression to the market. A well maintained lawn and garden may add thousands to the purchase price!

Pricing and Expectations

Your real estate agent will provide you with an appraisal which will outline what price range should be expected. Although if there is uncertainty on the price expectation or the property may be especially unique you may which to have a registered valuation completed for piece of mind!

Make a Plan!

Decide if you’ll sell before buying. Selling first means you have freed up any equity and have a good concept of your budget for your next purchase. This means you will also be a cash buyer and will have an advantage over anyone who is making an offer conditional on needing to sell their own property. You may look to negotiate a long settlement period when you sell, which will give you more time to find your next property without having to have some interim accommodation.

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