Background Information

Buyers generally perceive the property in a better light when given a background on the home before entering. Obviously the real estate agent cannot disclose personal information but with appropriate consents a helpful introduction such as,

“This has been a wonderful family home for 15 years and now the owners are re-locating” or, “this property has been let to a great young professional for 5 years who required a lock and leave lifestyle”.

Otherwise buyers are then left guessing and trying to understand the property and may not be as receptive.

Green Lawns & Flourishing Gardens

It has been stated in several articles in the past that a well-kept garden and great lawn can add several thousand dollars to your home.

To utilise this theory think about what season your garden is best presented. Often or not a wet winter can provide a beautiful green lawn in Spring.

Do Not Underestimate Price Advertising

It is true auctioning and deadline sale methods can create competition which results in buyers paying their upmost for the property.

Pricing on the other hand is always appreciated by buyers due to the transparency. Often this method can attract more prospective buyers and those which are applicable to the price expectations.

Besides if you are scared of selling at a lower than possible price analyse the market activity with your agent or even if need be display the price as, “Negotiable over”.


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