Real estate agents see a number of occurring questions from buyers at open homes, viewings, enquiries and during the more in-depth purchasing process. So how do sellers and agents best work to be on top of this? Here is our occurring questions that we think the client should know.

How Long has the Property been on the Market?

There could be a number of reasons why this keeps getting asked. Generally it is probably most likely to understand the popularity of the property and the urgency for the buyer to act if perhaps it is only been on the market for a shorter period. What we want to advice our clients (sellers) is that we don’t want to overprice the property especially in the flat property market Christchurch has seen for this lengthy period of time.

Flat markets are generally not kind to unrealistic price expectations but there are ways to avoid steering purchasers away and that comes through the marketing which your agent will help with.

What Happened During the Earthquake?

Or similar wording simply put… Has the repairs to the house been completed, what was it or is there some outstanding work due to be completed and is there any funds to be transferred for a purchaser to do this. Properties throughout Christchurch did face damages of different calibre and some owners may still have some outstanding issues.

This is why it is important to have the paperwork at the ready and information to give the purchaser security as to what the situation was or maybe still is. Even more importantly again insurance and finance companies rely on having the details to give approvals for purchasers to go through with the transaction.

These common questions that we do incur are most relatable to the client/seller themselves. The other queries agents face are more directly for them to negotiate and discuss with the buyer. This may be to do with price expectations, the buying process itself, the selling method, neighbourhood queries, use of the property and more.

Thankfully having the agent work for the seller allows the owner to take a step back and let the agent get the buyer through any concerns or queries and ultimately negotiate an outcome for the client.