Business Development Manager.

Kelly can provide property investors with rental assessments of possible properties clients may look at purchasing. Feel free to contact Kelly today to let her know about your investment aspirations.

Kelly is well established within the Whittle Knight team. By being well informed about market trends herself, Kelly is able to keep her client base in touch with changes in the real estate industry.

She believes the way to develop a strong and effective business relationship is to provide constant contact with property owners so they have an on-going connection with both the firm and their business concerns.

In addition to having excellent communication skills, Kelly thinks ahead. Well organised, and with strong customer service skills, she is approachable and empathetic. She is extremely self-motivated, and her attention to detail gets results.

In her main role as the business development manager for Whittle Knight, Kelly says it’s important to provide clients with post sign-up assistance and at the same time to support the property management team. Always on the look-out for ways to build and develop client relationships, she also has strategies in place to identify and build on new business opportunities for the firm, and the client base.

Kelly is strongly aware that property is a hugely valuable asset. Providing a customised and personalised service to the clients who have invested in the property market is one of the most constructive approaches she can provide.

She has this to say about her role: “We should treat any property with the same care as if it is our own, and at the same time give an outstanding quality of service to our customer base.”

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Business Development Manager

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